At Henderson Roofing & Construction, we serve both commercial and residential customers. On the commercial side, we work with condominium associations, manufacturing facilities, retail businesses, and more. The residential side of the business provides service to customers through roof replacement, roof repair, and construction projects.


Our team at Henderson Roofing & Construction brings years of experience and knowledge about the industry to every project. You will find that your questions and concerns are answered when we meet with you the first time, all the way through to the completed project.


Products like CertainTeed shingles and CertainTeed siding, Polaris Doors and Polaris Windows, and Firestone TPO Roof Systems are the go-to products that we use every day. These products provide you with top-of-the-line quality and reliability. The best workmanship paired with outstanding construction materials will create success.


We invite you to look at the projects page of our website where you will find many jobs that we have recently completed: residential shingle reroofing, new residential garage construction, commercial building, condominium roofing, hail damage and storm damage repair, and more.


Do you have a project that you would like to get underway? We offer free estimates and would be glad to meet with you to talk through the details and answer any questions that you have.