Aerial View of Commercial Roof with Versigard Logo
VersiGuard® Black Non-Reinforced EPDM membranes are some of the most durable and high-performance membranes available. Because of the membrane’s proven long-term strength and quality, Versico offers up to 30-year system warranties.


Far Away Aerial View of Commercial Roof

VersiGuard® Reinforced EPDM membranes are manufactured with a strong polyester reinforcement encapsulated between two plies of EPDM. Specially developed for Versico’s mechanically attached, purlin-attached and fully adhered systems, the membranes offer superior fatigue and puncture resistance.


Aerial View of Embassy Suites Hotel Roof

VersiGuard® White EPDM is a non-reinforced EPDM membrane that’s environmentally friendly and beautiful. VersiGard White EPDM can contribute toward LEED® credit requirements and is ENERGY STAR® qualified, and CRRC certified.